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Barari 11-11-18 10:37 PM

Nishiki Tri-A
I have a Nishiki Tri-A. I noticed that another person had posted pictures of a black and yellow Tri-A. Mine is identical having all shimano 600 group, bio pace crank etc... But I noticed that on the bottom rear bar , it says that designed by Kawamura. Does that make my bike any more special or valuable? I have had this bike for about 30 years. Still in great shape. Thought about selling it and getting something newer. Even though I have ridden for a while, I really know very little about my bike. Its all red with yyellow cabeling. Any info would be appreciated.

cb400bill 11-12-18 05:07 AM

Originally Posted by Barari (Post 20659006)
Does that make my bike any more special or valuable?

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wrk101 11-12-18 06:57 AM

No. Nishiki was company and only made brochures. They never made a bicycle. Kawamura made millions of bikes for them. So yours is one of the millions they made.

Lots of marketing company brands back then, some of the nicest vintage bikes were marketing companies.

T-Mar 11-12-18 10:44 AM

Nishiki was a marketing brand created by West Coast Cycle Supply, a California based bicycle importer/distributor. The company started having it's American Eagle bicycles contract manufactured in Japan by Kawamura in the late 1960s. The brand name was changed to Nishiki for the 1972 model year, to emphasis the Japanese lineage. Nishiki were manufactured by a number of companies but Kawamura was the prime source until the late 1980s. Since most Nishiki were Kawamura manufacture, there is no additional prestige or value.

The Tri-A was a mid-range model introduced circa 1985. Based on the colour combination, it sounds like you have a 1985 or 1986 model. Please submit pictures for a positive identification.

ramzilla 11-15-18 09:15 PM

The Japanese were obsessed with imitating Italian bikes back in the day. Side by side it was hard to notice any differences in a Japanese and an Italian bike from that era. The only thing was the difference in weight. The Italians figured out how to make bikes that weighed less than 21 pounds while most of the Japanese bikes still weighed closer to 28 pounds. Basically, vintage Japanese bikes are worth about 1/3 of what an equivalent vintage Italian bike would go for. High quality vintage Japanese bikes usually go for $300 or less. Average quality vintage Japanese bikes go for $50 to $150.

xiaoman1 11-27-18 09:41 PM

Nothing wrong with the Tri-A if original it should be equipped with Shimano 600 group, Araya hard anodized wheels, Turbo saddle and a great tube set...
Some might consider it low to middle but it is a well-built bike and a great rider very similar to the IM master in my opinion.
They often fly under the wire and clean ones can be had for 100-200.
Best, Ben

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