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Value of Wheels/hubs?

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Value of Wheels/hubs?

I need to sell a couple wheelsets, but I'm not sure how to best proceed. So far, I've been in acquisition mode as opposed to selling mode. The main set has Campy Record 36h hubs. The front wheel is a Mavic MA40 rim and the rear is a Mavic Open 4CD rim. My question is, after a thorough cleaning and bearing repack, should I try to sell them as a full wheelset or should I remove the hubs and sell the parts separately. Just wondering which might be easier to sell and what might be reasonable asking prices. Here are hubs:

I also have a decent wheelset that consists of Shimano 600 hubs (6207) with Campy Omega 19 rims (32h) and Ultegra skewers.. These were the main wheels on my old Gazelle, and I really liked them. These would be sold as a complete wheelset. Any ideas as how to price them (after cleaning and repacking)? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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People don't like to buy mismatched wheels so I'd value the first set by whatever the hubs are worth. The second set is very decent. The problem with selling wheels is shipping but you live in the cities which has a decent vintage market. I'd value the shimano/campy rim wheelset at $50-$75. The problem with these is that if you value them too high, you start bumping into the price of a new 700c wheelset with 126 hubs (which is right around $120 from velomine).

For the campy hubs, I'd check out completed ebay prices and then discount to something reasonable to sell them on BF to avoid the hassles of ebay
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Polishing on the outside is OK, but I'd personally prefer to do my own cones and bearings.

It would be nice, however, to get photos of the actual cones.
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Thanks. I appreciate the input. Your observations pretty much echo my thoughts.
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I always dismantle hubs, clean everything up, take pictures of the damage free cones, rebuild. Then sell the hubs as rebuilt with good cones.

My experience on older Shimano cones is not that good, maybe a third of the cones are bad. On Campy, I think I have only found one bad cone. And I have sold Campy hubs dated as early as 1957.

If the rims look good and match, I'll sell as a wheel set. If the rims show a lot of wear, I just sell the hubs as a set.

Ebay has the advantages of the biggest market and the highest price. Sold locally figure lowest price but most convenient. Your choice.

Like Randy, I save the stainless spokes.

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I would agree with wrk101 with vintage wheels you usually do best price wise selling the hubs fully serviced seperate from the rims. The best prices are typically for nice matched sets with matching skewers.
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I'd try to sell complete first. You can always break down the set later. Doubt the rims are worth much separate regardless.
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If the hubs are good, and the rims are good and the spokes are stainless, I might try to sell a complete and matched wheel set. Sadly, for me, the cost to ship a wheel set anywhere, is high. With that in mind, unless the wheel set is something special, I strip the wheels, rebuild and machine polish the hubs and then attempt to sell the hubs. Generally, I keep the rims because they are costly to ship. And, I always tuck good used stainless steel spokes away.
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I share randyjawa's sentimentality about wheels, but the combination of the mismatched rims and shipping cost really limits interest and what you can get for the high value item here, which are the hubs. You're in a large enough market to attempt to sell the wheels locally, but most likely, the person who gets them is going to be buying them for the hubs, and the first thing they'll do is unlace one (or both of them if one of the wheels doesn't give them a matched pair).
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