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Reynolds 531 01-04-19 01:54 PM

Mondia Super. I never see these (dont want to know value)
When I saw this 1978 Mondia Super on ebay , without the centerpull brackets, I jumped on it (I don't like centerpull, personal issue from being teased as a young racer with no money for Campy sidepull)

I remember lots of these from when I was younger. Very fresh in my memory. Now I can't find very much at all about Mondia Super, even with the most powerful resources in the history of mankind at my fingertips. (PS I know it says "Super Mondia", but we always called the ones with chrome lugs "Mondia Supers". I don't know why.)

I paid $200, and I am building it up as a "casual bike". All Campagnolo, maybe even Super Record (see previous personal issue).

What does anyone know about these, besides being Swiss? (soft spot for me). (PS has French BB, *whew*)

juvela 01-04-19 03:45 PM


The "Super" is not part of the marque name but rather a model name.

It would be more accurate to say "Mondia Super."


SurferRosa 01-04-19 10:03 PM

The Super is awesome. Love the pinstriping and beautiful paint jobs.

xiaoman1 01-04-19 10:43 PM

Mondias are underrated in my book, many had very nice lug work and detailing..the super is "SUPER".
I would like a pick of the entire bike, if clean and no dents 200.00 is a good deal IMHO.
It should polish up quite well but be careful with that pinstriping, I would also take a good look at the seat stay.

Kabuki12 01-05-19 05:04 AM

1973 Super Mondia Special
I bought this a year or so ago and LOVE it. Almost completely original. I chose to keep the Mafac center pull brakes as they work very well. I run Campy side pull on my other classics and I don't think they stop as quickly. I ride this bike frequently with no problems . Since this photo I have put a set of Campy Superleggerra titanium spindle pedals .

randyjawa 01-05-19 10:08 AM

Delivered a hundred flyers...

A phone message was waiting for me, when I got home (no cell phone then). Bought this a half hour later and it proved to be a very nice bike to ride...

marius.suiram 01-20-19 02:09 PM

I had two of them, beautiful bikes.

Wildwood 01-20-19 09:49 PM

Mine is a most favored ride.
531SL, beautiful paint and pinstriping.

Sprocket Turner 02-03-19 05:37 PM

Originally Posted by marius.suiram (Post 20756539)
I had two of them, beautiful bikes.


1973 Mondia Special

I'm kinda of envious. I would love to add a Mondia Super to go with my Mondia Special.

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