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Paulnhbtx 01-13-19 03:14 PM

Peugeot Montreal Express
Saw this one at the goodwill for 39.99

cb400bill 01-13-19 05:28 PM

In my area, and in that condition, that's about right.

wrk101 01-13-19 08:23 PM

Keep walking.

T-Mar 01-14-19 06:35 AM

The subject bicycle is a 1989 model, 2nd from the bottom of Peugeot's ATB line. The frame is hi-tensile steel with CrMo only in a single tube. Derailleurs are entry level Shimano Light Action. The bicycle is very dirty with a fairly heavily scarred frame. The chain has several stiff links and it appears to need new tyres and pedals. A complete overhaul will be required. On the plus side, it appears there is little wear to the chainrings. This is definitely not worth the asking price as a flipper and the price is even arguable as a rider. I'd also pass on it.

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