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philpeugeot 01-30-19 12:55 AM

Ever heard of Dorado?
Hi, I was wondering if this Dorado 1000 is any good. It has Tange Champion #2 tubing, dia-compe brakes, and Sakae handlebars; I don't know if this info will come in handy, but these things all sound good. The seller is asking $80 for what seems to be a decent bicycle. Is it worth the asking price? There isn't much any info online that I can refer to about this bike.

kross57 01-30-19 05:55 AM

I'm no expert, but the fact that it has brazed cable guides and downtube shifters means it is not a bottom-rung bike. If it fits you, is functioning OK, and there is nothing major wrong, like bent forks, heavy rust or cracks, I'd say it is worth the price. And if he is asking $80, offer a bit less. My 2 cents!

Lemond1985 01-30-19 06:53 AM

If you want to flip the bike, it's probably not that great a deal, since on one else will have ever heard of the brand.

But if you plan to ride it, and it fits you well, WTF are you waiting for? A few things that jump out at me are the beautiful polished crankset, the generous tire clearance, the matching wheels and tires, the pristine brake hoods, and the overall condition that tells me that this bike was not ridden or tinkered with much. From the position of the seatpost, it was evidently too big for the previous owner. All very good things, especially combined with the $80 price.

I would make sure that neither the seatspot or stem is not stuck though.

Bianchigirll 01-30-19 07:55 AM

I think it's weird that two people have posted about this same bike, from apparently an uncommon brand, in the same 24 hour period.

I do agree that for $80 it looks like a good deal for a rider but not flipping.

T-Mar 01-30-19 02:49 PM

USA marketing brand introduced in the mid-1980s. The ones I've seen were contract manufactured in Asia. The components are a bit low for a Tange #2 frame, so I wouldn't be surprised to find lower grade fork and stay material. Also, it looks like it has the older style, 27", U-section rims. I'd place this low mid-range but still worth $80 if ready to ride. Serial number may allow me to determine actual year and manufacturer.

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