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RALEIGH_COMP 03-02-19 02:07 PM

Akibo Leopard?
Any info on this? Thinking about getting it. Not much info on the web about it. Gotta be decent with a full 600 group...?

cb400bill 03-03-19 05:51 AM

Can't say that I've ever heard of Akibo before. But a good condition, 600 equipped, lugged steel framed bike with the asking price of $140? If it fits you how can you go wrong?

T-Mar 03-03-19 08:20 AM

Akibo is a Japanese trading company established in 1944. They specialize in the transportation section and one their products were eponymous branded, contract manufactured bicycles. I don't know the source, but if you can obtain the serial number it may reveal the manufacturer and exact date.

It's 1984-1987 based on the Shimano New 600EX components and the presence of friction levers give a higher probability to the earlier half of the time range. It appears to be the full New 600EX group, as they didn't cut cost costs by specing lower grade pedals or headset. Also, the rims appear to be 700C, as opposed to 27", and have eyelets, so they should be good, box-section rims, like a Ukai or Araya 20A.

Given the component selection, it's likely a good grade tubeset. During this era, Tange #2 would be typical for a bicycle equipped with this component mix. The workmanship is typical of a mass produced model.

Overall, the condition appears good. The bar tape and brake lever hoods appear to have been replaced, so the owner does appear to have put some effort into maintenance. However, the chain appears worn, based on the seating on the inner chain ring. Consequently, the cassette/freewheel and inner chain ring may also have significant wear. It's hard to tell from the pics if this is a cassette or freewheel but if it's a cassette, it's a Uniglide version. These are getting hard to acquire. Hyperglide cogs can be modified to fit, with the exception of the threaded outer cog, so hopefully the small/small combination wasn't the owner's primary gear. The other thing to consider is that the missing toe clips for the New 600EX pedals are dedicated and becoming hard to find.

Overall, it looks like a nice mid-1980s, mid-range, mass produced, Japanese bicycle. It likely needs a complete overhaul and some consumables. but if you can do that yourself, it could still be a good price. I think it's definitely worth a visit for a closer look and test ride. If you do look at the bicycle or purchase it, I'd appreciate the serial number for my database. TIA.

RALEIGH_COMP 03-04-19 10:22 AM

Didnt get a chance to check it out yet. Thanks for the information though, much appreciated. I will check in if I get to take a look at it.

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