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WGB 04-08-19 10:58 AM

Campagnolo "Groupset"
I just want to know I have the right names before I list here. Also, was thinking $200 incl. shipping in Canada and lower 48 States.
Had to do update as posts only allowed ten photos. Ist post is Cranks, FD, Rd and brake levers

Cranks Stratus 52/42 170mm

FD Super Record

RD Super Record
NOTE: Both pulleys cracked. Seem to work fine but wanted that pointed out.

Levers Super Record
No hoods

WGB 04-08-19 11:00 AM

Brakes 2040 Record Standard Reach

Shifters 1013?? Record??

brian3069 04-08-19 12:50 PM

The condition looks to be exceptional, $200 shipped seems low, really low. Check out completed listings on Ebay.

wrk101 04-08-19 05:02 PM

Price is about $200 low.

WGB 04-08-19 07:59 PM

Thank you to all for your comments.

I had looked online for similar but:

a) I didn't have the correct seatpost bolt (just had an aftermarket one)
b) I didn't have the hubs (or maybe I do, just mounted and buried away)
c) I couldn't find the seatpost (just found it and I think it's a Nouvo Record not SR but not so good with Campy stuff so will have to post tomorrow)
d) I had just listed a Chorus crankset and thrown in the BB for $110 and the $90 and no interest so thought that I should defer to the wiser folks on here.

I guess I am not the right guy to guess a price. I have no issue with giving a deal, then everybody is happy. Just thinking now, based on the comments on here and emails from those wishing to get the set that I will have to reconsider as it sounds like I'm a bit short. For now I will keep plugging away with spring cleaning before I list.


lostarchitect 04-09-19 07:43 AM

FYI it's "Campagnolo," not "Campagnola". Not trying to be a jerk, I never really understood that one--it has the name right on the parts!

WGB 04-09-19 08:14 AM

It was a spelling error and not deliberate but can't correct the thread title. Campagnolo it is.....

Still looking for a value for total so assuming $400 with the post to be reasonable if I ever do sell it? Post is 27.2 and stamped Patent Campagnolo. Most Campagnolo parts I have seen were stamped Brev. Campagnolo (which translates to Pat. Campagnolo) so why did they translate for some products and not others? Just a general question and if no one knows, no one knows.

jiangshi 04-09-19 10:15 AM

That is a later, non-fluted Record post. Worth around $100+ by itself.

SurferRosa 04-09-19 10:24 AM

To maximize the sale, sell individually.

If wanting to sell as a group, start at $500 (incl the seatpost). Maybe even $50-$100 higher. You can always relist.

Upload as many pics as possible. Rid the glare on the crankset pic. Don't use a flash. Try natural light on the wood background. Don't photograph your hand. The first photo of the front derailleur is your best one. Aim for that level of photo. Take pics of the group in the same light, not different times of the day.

​​​​​And mount the pads to the calipers.

lostarchitect 04-09-19 02:01 PM

Originally Posted by WGB (Post 20876542)
It was a spelling error and not deliberate but can't correct the thread title. Campagnolo it is.....

Ah, OK. It's also a common mis-pronunciation.

WGB 04-09-19 05:11 PM

I live in Canada and after my last attempt to import bike stuff into the US I'd prefer not to do a bunch of small shipments and instead stick to larger groups as the shipping kills.

cb400bill 04-09-19 05:43 PM

Originally Posted by WGB (Post 20876542)
It was a spelling error and not deliberate but can't correct the thread title. Campagnolo it is.....

Thread title fixed.

bertinjim 04-10-19 06:00 AM


Very good condition for a partial group set but certainly under priced at $200. The crankset title should read Strada for people searching the topic. The $400 -500 range seems fair for a partial gruppo lacking pedals, headset and hubs. You are correct about our Canadian shipping rates, they are punitive so selling as a gruppo may make more sense than selling individually.

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