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egee 04-15-19 01:37 PM

ID this beat up Bianchi? I think it is a Rekord but not sure which one.
Noob here seeking guidance. The stickers are unfortunately gone, but the engravings on the fork crown and seat stay bear the Bianchi and "B" name. Based on Google and browsing, I think it is a Bianchi 848 Rekord, although I could be mistaken - possibly 1982. Only the sticker on the head tube remains. Paint looks original with possible amateur touch ups? I've taken some pictures for assistance. Serial number 1G14765.

Other thing of note are the somewhat skewed? dimensions, 61cm seat tube with 57 cm top tube? Is it me or this is unusual?

* I can't post images yet as I do not have 10 posts but I suppose I could DM them to anyone who could offer assistance ! :/

Assortment of components, Campagnolo front derailler and headset, Nitto drop bars, 3TTT quill stem, Shimano 105 rear derailler, Bianchi crank, Midolo break calipers with Tektro levers.

Awestruck at the level of knowledge of forum members here, especially Bianchi Girl, would be very grateful for any info!

T-Mar 04-16-19 06:20 AM

What you have appears to be a very heavily modified 1981 Bianchi Rekord 748. These frames were built with the hi-tensile Columbus Zeta tubeset.

egee 04-18-19 12:19 PM

Thank you T-Mar!

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