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juvela 05-30-19 04:06 PM

Mfr. ID sought: 1960's era Japan 3-speed

produced for U.S. chain store mid to late 1960's -

here is the serial with "SE" symbol -


T-Mar 05-31-19 03:07 PM

SE stamping on dropout pops on Rollfast bicycles. most of which were manufactured by H.P. Snyder. Alpha-xxxxxx format also seen on some later Rollfasts. Overall picture of bicycle?

juvela 05-31-19 07:18 PM


Thank you so much T-Mar!

Large appreciation here.

j wrong once again. :o

still workin' on getting something correct...

imagery here -


T-Mar 06-01-19 05:31 AM

Yes, I'd say that's a re-branded Rollfast. The chain guard and chain wheel pattern is the same as that used on some Rollfast. USA roadsters and middle weights aren't my forté but based on what I've read on The CABE, most Rollfast were built be Snyder and that SE stamp has surfaced on one that a CABE member said was a Snyder product.

I can appreciate why somebody might think this was Japanese given the apparent era and presence of the Shimano IGH. That looks like the 3021378 patent version, which goes back to at least 1958. The grips on the shift leavers are the version that pre-dates what was used in the early 1970s. I know these twist grips go back to at least 1966, so mid to late 1960s sounds correct.

juvela 06-01-19 08:43 AM


thanks so much Tom :thumb:

outstanding information as always :)

found this Shimano catalogue page from 1974 (closest date found) showing their 3-speed system -


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