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mivuj95 06-05-19 08:28 PM

1980s Miele - help?
Hi everyone! My mom purchased herself a rockin Miele in 1987. Rode like a dream and she loved it for a very long time. We've just pulled it out of storage and we are hoping to learn more about it, including the model and value. I have heard this is a lower quality bike, something about clearing out around this year? We have been wondering what the value might be.

zukahn1 06-05-19 09:16 PM

Really cool bike from a nice maker but not a lot value in the current market. Worth $100 or so as is a bike and $150 part out.

randyjawa 06-06-19 05:14 AM

As mentioned, not a high end or particularly valuable bike. The step through or woman's style negatively impacts collector value. Were I selling one, I would hope to get $150.00 and that would be reasonable but it might take some time to get it. For quick sale, a hundred dollars would probably attract many more potential buyers. That said, this might be helpful...

T-Mar 06-06-19 06:11 AM

The subject bicycle has a Ream's Cycle sticker. Brian Ream had two shops in the GTA. One was in a small plaza on Yonge St., about 1/2 km south of Steele's Avenue. The other was in Scarborough. Assuming the bicycle is being sold in the high priced GTA market, the mixte configuration shouldn't make any difference and I'd be shooting for a price in the $200-$250 CDN range. To maximize the value, I'd hold off on the sale until around Labour Day, when all the colleges and universities are back in session. The GTA market is typically super hot around that time. FYI, it's a circa 1985-1986 model.

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