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BikeWonder 06-10-19 01:45 AM

Value of this 1989 Miyata 1000 LT?
Bike is pretty much mint. Pictures will show details.

wrk101 06-11-19 05:37 PM

Hoods donít fit and no bar tape. Bar tape from eBay is less than $2.

market on vintage touring bikes has really softened up. I have a couple left that I will lose money on because I held on to them.

Nice bike for sure. Local sale depends on where you live. Selling on eBay is no picnic. Recent eBay sales have been $450 to $550. Subtract 15% in fees and seller netted more like $375 to $475. Glad I sold my two 1000s when the market was better.

ramzilla 06-11-19 09:17 PM

It's cosmetically challenged with deep ruts in the wheels, duct tape on the headbadge, weird handlebars, disconnected front fender and, small frame. But, it's got great bones. I really like the cantilever brakes. Decent tires. Maybe $275 as is.

c13 06-12-19 10:29 AM

decent bike
Looks to be in decent shape. Would be a nice commuter. Offer $200

kingston 06-12-19 10:33 AM

One just sold in Chicago for $650

bikemig 06-12-19 10:34 AM

I'd like to know what's hiding behind that duck tape on the head and down tubes.

BikeWonder 06-12-19 02:36 PM

Originally Posted by bikemig (Post 20975050)
I'd like to know what's hiding behind that duck tape on the head and down tubes.

Nothing is hiding.
The tape was apparently placed to hold the cateye wires. When I checked it out, everything was in good working order. The only thing that needed replacement were the rims. aside from that, the frame and everything else is mint.

BikeWonder 06-12-19 02:37 PM

Also, it looks like it's been for sale for some time here in Alberta. Before the market was hot for these bikes, but not so much now.

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