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arbee 07-19-19 06:27 PM

Unclear to me whether this is the right sub-forum in which to post this query. If not, I'm a New Yorker: accustomed to being told where to go. This is a "What is this?" question rather than "What's it worth?", but there appear to be more of the former category here than in the "Classic & Vintage" sub-forum. Onward.

The pix were sent to me by a relative. The medallion is attached to a short chain with a pocket watch at one end. I'm told the medallion is approximately 1" / 25mm across. Further, I'm told that while the medallion has some heft, it's highly unlikely the metal is of any inherent value. "Highly unlikely": the attached watch was examined by a few folks with some relevant expertise. The medallion was, to them, unremarkable.

As to known provenance, the watch is French, but that sez nothing for sure about the medallion. As to "French", the likely locale was northern France, perhaps Lille. Time-frame was late 19th century.

Is this the equivalent of a prize from a Crackerjacks box or is it something with a more limited production run?

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