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WGB 09-22-19 06:07 PM

MKM frame value
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This is a little weird but definitely demonstrates why making a "homage bike" or "reproduction bike"is a bad idea.

PO took a perfectly good handmade British racing frame and stipped the paint and repainted and decaled it as a Pogliaghi!

Before that it was an MKM Dominator. Frame is 22 inch or 56 cm.

Any idea on value? Was thinking of listing it here for $100 plus shipping?

I tried to list an ad for the original from the Jan 1975 International Cycling mag but not sure it will load

WGB 09-23-19 08:53 AM

Just bumping to see if it rings any bells. I understand it will need a paint job or a powder coating which might set someone off but would still like a guess from the crowd.

bikemig 09-23-19 01:24 PM

I dunno even at $100 given that it needs a paint job. Even with a powder coat, you are looking at north of $200 and there are other a lot of other options out there for that price or less. And this bike will never be original which wipes out part of its value to many of the people here. That's too bad because it looks like a great bike and MKM is a respected builder.

WGB 09-23-19 03:01 PM

I agree that it would be so much better if he'd just left it as is and based on first hand knowledge it's hassle to have to repaint. I guess I'll list it here for $75 and see if someone wants it. Who knows maybe someone wants one......

zukahn1 09-23-19 08:17 PM

I'm thinking $75-100 plus shipping and listing it here is likely your best selling option, Too bad about the paint and lack of matching original headset which cut value by about half maybe a bit more.

T-Mar 09-24-19 05:31 AM

I'd take it at $75.

bikemig 09-24-19 06:23 AM

Originally Posted by T-Mar (Post 21135830)
I'd take it at $75.

It's available:

himespau 09-24-19 08:05 AM

At least whoever did it appears to have done a decent job with the paint. As long as the buyer doesn't mind, it should be a decent rider.

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