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MrStroker 03-01-20 09:41 AM

1980? Raleigh Reliant value

I picked this up cheap but decided I'm not going to do anything with it and want it out of my garage. It appears to be all original and from what I can tell a 1980.

The shifters and brakes work but could use new cables and housing. The wheels also need to be tried but are not bent.

I plan on selling as is but if it's worth something I might take the time to true the wheels and put in new tires. From what I can tell it was a low end bike and not worth much.

Bianchigirll 03-01-20 10:19 AM

I'd give it a quick once over before selling it. Are the housing stops split? If so that makes it easy to try and lubricate the cables.

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