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7ntipede 03-19-20 03:10 PM

Peugeot identification troubles.
Hello everyone. This is my first post here on these forums. I have a later model Peugeot 21 speed mountain bike and I am looking for some help identifying the model so that I can put it up for sale. The recent quarantine measures taken by my city have rendered me temporarily unemployed and thus I am looking to sell the bike. I have read that you can find the model number on the seat pipe column and found the number EH00005 stamped where I read to look, but I was unable to find a match online. Does anyone here know which bike this may be? It's served me well and I'd consider selling my other bike instead but this Peugeot is simply too small for me. Thank you. I'm going to include a picture in an additional post to this thread because it messes with the upload when I try and include it here.

EDIT: I have to have made 10 posts before I can post the image but I can easily give any interested parties a tinyurl link.

T-Mar 03-20-20 06:56 AM

Welcome to the forums. Based on the serial number and what I can see from the non-drive side photo, it would appear to be a circa 1995-1996 model. However, in order to properly identify the model, I'll need a drive side photograph or at least one of the drivetrain, so I can identify the carnkset and derailleurs. Picture assist...

wrk101 03-20-20 07:07 AM

Really don't need a model name to sell this bike. Its a Peugeot MTB, give the size, age, and component group. Its Peugeot in name only. Looks like one of the gazillion Taiwan made MTBs out there, may be China. $75 to $100 here.

zukahn1 03-20-20 09:05 AM

I would agree fairly low end early 90's MTB with a semi-step through frame a ton of these were made and they were all pretty similar in quality and value. Since this one has functional but nothing special components I would agree on the $75-100 if in good riding shape.

T-Mar 03-20-20 11:28 AM

Based on the era, level and particularly the serial number, I strongly doubt this is Chinese manufacture or even Asian. Everything is pointing to Canadian manufacture by Procycle. IMO, the workmanship on the Canadian manufactured Peugeot was typically better than those originating in France.

wrk101 03-20-20 05:08 PM

I never argue with T-Mar. Regardless of COO, its a low end small MTB. My value estimate stands, at least in my area. In fact, I continue to find much higher end vintage MTBs at that price point. If a friend was looking to spend $100 on a MTB, I'd recommend something else.

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