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Bobsbike 04-09-20 02:06 PM

Is my Recumbent worth fixing?

Juan Foote 04-09-20 02:31 PM

I would go on the assumption that this is a home made solution that you acquired somewhere?

I don't see the rusty chain or things like cables being the issue.
What I do see though is a fairly sloppy welding job and what look to be possible stress fractures, certainly paint stress cracks, at the bottom bracket tube and rear dropouts. I would absolutely take it down to frame with a good media blasting and either inspect or just have those areas checked/rewelded.

You will also need to find a new seat and mount but I think this particular method should be easy to recreate.

Meh, if you are bored you have the resources I am pretty sure time isn't an issue for many folks right now.

Bobsbike 04-09-20 02:36 PM

Thanks for the great assessment. It's a roadside salvage. Never rode one and thought it may be fun to try. Paint stress crack only, no serious frame damage.

kingston 04-09-20 02:42 PM

It may have a few salvageable parts, but I wouldn't spend any time or money on that bike.

Bobsbike 04-09-20 02:45 PM

Thanks, I appreciate the input

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