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Dimmi 05-17-20 09:24 PM

New old bike
I am a novice looking for a bike to ride with my kids. Looking at this one:

$225: 1994 19" Specialized Crossroads Cruz

new tubes and tires

breaks and gears adjusted

true wheel, both

all bearings adjusted

standard tuneup

standard overhaul

Won't allow me to post photos but it looks good.

What do you think?

Bagel Bob 05-17-20 10:13 PM

I sold a Crossroads 2 weeks ago in similar condition/age to the one you're looking at. I had asked $200. The guy offered me $175 and I took it. In the past few weeks the used bike market has gotten hot, so that's not a bad price IMO. A month ago I would have said $150 was right for that bike.

veganbikes 05-17-20 10:33 PM

That is a pretty steep price for a low end bike from the 90s. It is Shimano Tourney (which is at the absolute bottom of Shimano's range), the frame is generic chromoly (which isn't terrible in it self) with a hi-ten fork (pipe steel) MSRP new in the 90s was in the $250-300. I get the used market is hot (usually because bike is stolen) but paying near MSRP for a that just ain't worth it. You can usually find such better mountain bikes and hybrids for the same price with some more quality components or buy a new bike and have all the warranties and support behind it.

Dimmi 05-18-20 07:19 PM

Damn. So I likely overpaid for my kids bikes. All work done by actual bike mechanics

17.5 Raleigh M60 Blue/green
New tires, new seat, pedals, pads, grips, cables, housing, adjust bearings, true wheel, overhaul,
Tires are "Serfas Drifter",
Seat is Serfas Niva


Girls Trek MT220 overhauled and fixed up similar also

probe1957 05-18-20 07:51 PM

Who cares if you overpaid? Ride the hell out of those bikes. A month from now you will forget what you paid.

Bigbus 05-18-20 08:00 PM

If the kids are enjoying them and you're not having to constantly be tweaking on them to keep them going, you're ahead of the game. Nothing like enjoying time in the fresh air with family. Like Probe said, in a month what you paid will be irrelevant.

cb400bill 05-18-20 08:07 PM

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