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eyedoc 06-27-20 12:40 PM

Columbia Dream Machine 10 Speed
I have a Columbia Dream Machine 10 Speed bike (from about 1983). Still in pretty good shape, recently reconditioned. I am looking to sell it locally but wanted to get an idea of where I should start the pricing.

oldspokes 06-27-20 11:38 PM

Unless you have a particularly minty clean all original example that looks like it was ridden off he showroom floor today, I don't see that model having a ton of value.
They were fairly low end bikes back then that sold for very little money.
Finding someone who wants one today may be a long wait. Your best bet would be eBay but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
They were also pretty common, the local department stores here pumped out quite a few of those bikes back in the day. They competed with the Huffy Santa Fe and similar rides.
They weren't bad bikes but they weren't anything special and don't hold any collectible value.
I'd venture to guess that a minty clean example might bring $100 to the right buyer but finding the right buyer may take a while. The problem is that there are a lot better bikes out there that can be had for little money these days so it takes someone who's feeling a bit nostalgic about their youth to want a bike like that.

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