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Iron Horse 06-28-20 08:06 AM

1984 Centurion Accordo RS
Good morning all!
A friend of mine in his 80's has decided to liquidate his bikes, as he has decided to quit riding. I have bought 4 of his vintage rides thus far, and am planning to buy a 5th next pay period. However I know nothing about this bike, and it is too small for me anyhow. He bought this bike new, and has ridden it in the bike across Kansas twice. He upgraded the stock componentry, and as he got older, he moved to stem shifters, and upright bars. He is to get me the original drop bars this afternoon. In order for me to help him get this sold, I need some info, and an approximation of what it's worth. Thank you in advance!

cb400bill 06-29-20 04:41 AM


plonz 06-29-20 05:04 AM

That is a strange build. Might be worth $150 but upright bars and lightweight racing wheels will likely confuse buyers.

ramzilla 07-01-20 08:44 PM

That's a little more than just a conversion to stem shifters & upright bars. It looks like it's got a ten speed drivetrain and super lightweight wheels. A rather odd upgrade to a basic high tension steel frame bike. Looks a lot like something I would do. (The upgrades are worth more money than the bike was worth originally). So. Now it's a very nice bike. But, most bike shoppers are idiots. And, hardly anybody will recognize the beauty & value of that bike. I'd try for around $275 for that. Be good. Have fun.

madpogue 07-03-20 07:21 AM

Tange Infinity is not high tension steel. It's at least CrMo, probably DB. But agreed, the upgrades are not consistent with the bike, more wrt. the "type" of bike that the owner is going for. Those reduced-spoke wheels are not exactly popular in C&V circles, and as said, don't go along at all with the upright conversion.

Also, the livery does not match 1984. Going by the specs on , it's an '86, indeed with Tange Infinity double-butted CrMo. It would have been a 6-speed originally, so definitely remove the rear wheel and check that the rear triangle was properly set, and not just sprung out to accomodate the wider axle.

The stem is also of a height that would appeal to almost no one looking for an '80s road bike. I would definitely re-install the drop bar and stem, levers, and shifters. _Then_ you might get in the $200-300 range. As is, it'll just make people scratch their heads.

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