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capnjonny 07-15-20 07:56 PM

What to do with a Somec
I just brought a Somec bike home from the bike Exchange today. It looks to be in very good condition. About the only thing I noticed was the miss matched wheels and some ragged bar tape.

I looked the brand up on the internet and apparently this is a very special machine , custom made in small numbers for discriminating riders. sort of like having your tailor custom make a suit to your exact size.

My quandary, Should I tear it down and do my standard resto on it or would we be smarter to leave it exactly as is and put it up on E Bay. I am thinking that anyone wanting to buy this machine would want to do any work themselves or have their own retainer do it.

"Geeves, go see to the Somac will you, I may want to ride it later. and while you are out there wash the Bently too. there's a good chap. " I envision this as the kind of bike James bond would own.

Any advise welcome.

Wildwood 07-15-20 08:10 PM

A picture is needed to answer.

It needs to be in an appropriate condition to warrant a high price.
Original paint is valued.
Original components are valued.

Worth less than your Bentley.

Lattz 07-28-20 10:42 AM

capnjonny do you happen to have pics of your bike? As wildwood pointed out, orig paint is a big plus (I just sanded mine) whatever the condition is. If its not a simple one color one but with fuzzy airbrush forms or splashes DO NOT TOUCH, if you see a prancing horse sticker anywhere saying Vernicatura F.lli Martini - Lugo, DO NOT TOUCH, if it's chromovelato do not even clean it, as any damages are irreparable big price drops. I'd love to see your bike.

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