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Cycslistsj 07-27-20 09:43 AM

1984 trek 760 - value estimate
Hi! I have a 1984 trek 760. Lots of original parts but new saddle, handlebars and wheels. Still have the original wheels though.

Good shape with a spot of rust on the brakes and that's really about it. I think 22.5 " frame but need to check. Rode it over the weekend and it felt great. Much more stable at speed down hill than my carbon. If I do keep it, can I fit a cassette with bigger range?

Considering keeping it as a back-up but i have been spoiled by not having down tube shifters. Hard to make that transition.

thanks for any input!

francophile 07-27-20 09:50 AM

FYI: There's a Classic & Vintage appraisals forum one level up from this one which is the correct place for the valuation question.

As for the other part of it - You should easily be able to expand your range. Anything beyond 7spd out back will likely result in the need to re-dish and/or re-hub the rear depending how far you want to go.

cb400bill 07-27-20 10:40 AM

Thread moved from C&V to C&V Appraisals.

nesteel 07-27-20 10:46 AM

We need pics. Condition is king when it's come to value.
You're rear derailleur will determine how big of a cassette or freewheel you can use. Does your replacement wheelset use a freewheel or a cassette?

Cycslistsj 07-27-20 04:57 PM

Size is 54

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