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velo352 08-01-20 06:02 PM

1977 PX10LE Peugeot?
Picked this up. I think it's a 77 PX10LE. It has the Mafac comp brakes, Atax stem, Maillard hubs, etc. It doesn't have a SN under the BB.

juvela 08-01-20 07:06 PM

bikemig 08-02-20 11:46 AM

Evaporust will be your friend in cleaning up all the rusty bits and pieces. Check out the inside. It would not surprise me if this bike ends up needing an oxalic acid bath if there is considerable rust on the inside.

These are great bikes. I like this version even more than the earlier ones. The stronglight 99 crank can be run as a compact crank. 86 bcd chainrings are available. Try Spa cycles in the UK for new chainrings. The maillard 700 hubs are good hubs. That saddle has seen better days.

If you plan on selling it as is, the rust won't help. This bike might be worth around $150. The pandemic has pushed up used bike prices but this bike is not serviceable as is and requires a lot of work to make it rideable. Plus it has tubulars which do not help the value.

trailangel 08-02-20 12:41 PM

Looks like somebody left a nice bike outside. Is this a re-paint? I've never seen a brown one before..... and no serial#... hmmmmmmm.....

madpogue 08-02-20 01:58 PM

Is that where the serial number should be? Could be on the head tube, seat tube, dropout, etc.

Value will be next to impossible to assess until the rust is taken care of.

rustystrings61 08-03-20 09:25 AM

Serial number should be on the BB, parallel with the spindle; about 1978 or so the serial number starts getting stamped perpendicular to the spindle. This vintage they had returned to a slacker head and seat angles than some produced c.1973-74 but with less fork rake. Evapo-rust works wonders, and there's always an O/A bath option. It's been repainted, but who knows, maybe it will come off and reveal the original finish. You definitely want to soak all the components and chromed bits in Evapo-Rust, though, it won't harm the aluminum and will shock you at how well it removes rust. Good luck!

velo352 08-03-20 01:51 PM

Thanks everyone for your input so far. I think the brown is only a thin coat that was applied without much prep. Previous bikes I've worked on didn't require a OA bath, so this is new. I'm going to post a detailed frame restoration at C&V. I'm still curious why I can't find a S/N.

speedyspaghetti 08-09-20 10:33 PM

Depends where you live honestly. Here in the Bay Area, CA - bike prices are through the god damn roof for everything. There was a guy selling his PX-10 for $1200 (!!!!) on CL. I'd say in a market like that, you could get $300 ish for this bike as is. Otherwise, just give it a tune-up, maybe some new tires, and enjoy it for what it is.

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