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cluelessbike 08-30-20 10:19 AM

Make this older Nishiki Citi Bike my first?
Hi all! I really want a bike and Iíve been lurking these boards learning from everyone. This bike is a Nishiki Citi Sport and about my height, for sale for 115$ On offerup. Is there anything my newbie eyes are missing here?

blakcloud 09-03-20 07:58 AM

Your eyes are not missing anything. The bike is priced adequately.

T-Mar 09-03-20 09:05 AM

The subject bicycle appears to be a 1992 Citi Sport. It's a hybrid model with 700C wheels, cantilever brakes ans dhould have a triple cranket. A drive side photo would nice to postively identify the drive train components but I believe it's Shimano 70GS, 18 sped Hyperglide based on what I can see of the brakes and left crankarm. The 1992 frame was spec'd as hi-tensile steel and it's claimed weight was 29.5 lbs. At the time, this was the bottom of the Nishiki adult range and MSRP would have been around $250 US. It is a decent, basic bicycle, suitable for light recreational cycling and commuting.

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