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natam006 09-26-20 01:14 PM

Bianchi Nuovo Alloro
Hey guys! New to this site and am really enjoying what I have been seeing and reading. Was hoping someone could help me to determine the value of this Vintage Bianchi bike I have. I believe it is a Bianchi Nuovo Alloro equipped with Sugino VT pedals, Shimano gears, Dia Compe brakes and Panaracer tires 27x1 1/8th. Unfortunately the site won't allow me to post photos because I am a newbie, is there any other way for me to do so?

T-Mar 09-26-20 03:42 PM

This sounds more like one of the lower Japanese manufactured models. Serial number?

natam006 09-26-20 03:56 PM

Serial number is BS577471. I thought maybe it might be the Japanese model as it has the Sakae handle bars. Let me know what you think.

T-Mar 09-27-20 04:43 AM

The serial number indicates that the subject bicycle was manufactured in Japan during February 1985. The 1985 Bianchi Nuovo Alloro was manufactured in Italy, so we can rule that out. The highest Japanese manufactured model during the time was the mid-range Limited but it came with Shimano New 600EX, so it would not appear to that either. You don't mention any model name for the Shimano derailleurs. Given the era, that sounds like possibly the nondescript Z-series, which was used on entry models like the Strada, Sport and Classica.

T-Mar 09-27-20 08:27 AM

I found the OP's pictures. The chrome fork suggests a Canadian market model and the rear derailleur appears to be a Z-501. I'm not sure what this model was called in Canada during 1985. In 1984 it was the Bici I but it later changed to Strada and I'm not sure of the exact year of the name change. The frame should hi-tensile steel. It was the bottom model in the adult, lightweight line.

natam006 09-27-20 09:44 AM

Thank you so much for all that information. It has definitely answered some of my questions. I lubed it all up, cleaned it, put air in the tires and took it for a spin and it rides really smooth in all honesty. What do you think the value on this bike would be ?

T-Mar 09-27-20 10:58 AM

Originally Posted by natam006 (Post 21715777)
.. What do you think the value on this bike would be ?

I assume you're in Canada? Still, it's really hard to say without knowing your exact location and even then it's problematic. Prior to the pandemic, pricing varied widely, depending on whether you are in a major metropolitan area like the GTA or some backwater four corner, like Dog River. The pandemic has only increased that variation. In the end, its worth what you paid for it.

natam006 09-27-20 11:23 AM

Hey yes I am located in Toronto, not dog river hahaha. Yes I''ve seen the pandemic has definitely increased value on bikes. I actually have had this bike for years and I'm on something a lot newer and was just looking to sell it. Wanted to determine value for it as I am really unsure. Any info in that regard would be greatly appreciated.

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