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marius.suiram 10-06-20 04:06 PM

Londoner bike, Reynolds 531 frame, any info?
I will pick the bike tomorrow.
Any info about it? Not too much info on line

marius.suiram 10-06-20 04:33 PM

The guy who's giving me the bike said it is made by the London Bicycle Company

juvela 10-06-20 04:59 PM


dating note -

the model 99 chainset it wears is second generation

change from first to second occurred in 1977

if one takes the cycle to be "all of a piece" it is unlikely to be earlier than 1978


SoccerBallXan 10-06-20 05:24 PM

:eek: What size is that bike?

marius.suiram 10-06-20 05:52 PM

Originally Posted by SoccerBallXan (Post 21731619)
:eek: What size is that bike?

He said 64...66 cm

marius.suiram 10-07-20 04:47 PM

Got the bike.
Actually is a 69 cm. Reynolds 531C frame, fork and stays.
Suntour Cyclone derailleurs.
Stronglight crank.
more pictures

Fahrenheit531 10-07-20 08:31 PM

Londoner is the model. Dawes is the manufacturer.

Those components are consistent with another example recently for sale on my local CL. I suspect they're original.

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