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glennicolai 10-11-20 04:37 PM

1972 Schwinn Continental 26" frame
I received this bicycle as a college graduation gift. It just turned out I had very little time to ride it. It is in very good original condition except for some paint chips in the original dark brown. The seat is original, pedals are original, tires are original. It has been hanging in my garage at wherever I have lived since. Bars were rewrapped somewhere around 1984-5.. It has gone from Montana to Alaska to Oregon all in moving vans.

TakingMyTime 10-12-20 07:05 AM

What is your question?

If you want a valuation, without pictures.... probably $50

sloppy12 10-12-20 07:28 AM

I picked up a collegiate and a suburban from the trash last week.

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