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Brockwell_local 10-14-20 06:57 AM

Is this a Philbrook?
I recently acquired this bike and am keen to know more about it. Is it a Philbrook? How old is it? What is the significant of the DZ on forks, stem and seat post?
And how much is it worth? Should I ensure it?


obrentharris 10-14-20 09:12 PM

Fascinating and beautiful bike. Lots of mysteries there. The "PAG" and "Arden St" on the headbadge are certainly a strong indications of a Philbrook build.
I ran "La Neobisnuit" through Google translate which informed me that it means "The Unusual" in Romanian. This bike is nothing if not unusual.
The "ZD" or "DZ" on the fork caps, seat post, and stem are new to me.
I'm looking forward to what others here may know.
The Veteran-Cycle Club may be a very good reference source for you.

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