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SurferRosa 10-14-20 04:57 PM

What's this tall Eddy Merckx frameset worth?
Wondering what is the ebay BIN net value (or range) of this tall Merckx, frameset only. I'm interested in a few components for my bikes. :thumb:

jiangshi 10-14-20 07:24 PM

Tough frame to sell because of size and condition. IfI had to guess from the one blurry picture, I would say $200, $300 if the condition is better than the picture. Not an easy sell..

plonz 10-14-20 07:39 PM

I haven’t checked Merckx comps in a while but framesets were $350+ last I was looking. There should be some sold eBay activity to gauge against.

That looks like a nice one. If we weren’t on opposite ends of the country, I’d talk to you about some horse trading.

SurferRosa 10-14-20 07:45 PM

Originally Posted by jiangshi (Post 21743737)
Tough frame to sell because of size and condition... I would say $200... Not an easy sell.

So, not quite "in the money" to get a free Rally rd. It also has some bad decals on the seatstays.

The wheelset would help offset the expense, but it doesn't really look that cool. It is matching, but I'm not really into black hubs and aero rims. Too bad the crankset is so meh. I can't tell what the brakeset is.

rjhammett 10-15-20 08:07 PM

Sold on this site.

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