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JRC2K 10-25-20 04:51 PM

Nishiki Kamra. Worth restoring?
I have a Nishiki "Kamra" which I purchased in the late 80s in the Philippines It has Tange 9000 tubing, Royal Comp brakes and Sun Tour derailleurs. It was my daily ride for many years. Unfortunately I lived directly on the ocean for many years and the frame has severe surface rust. I think I paid just south of $400.00 for it. Not really looking for a current dollar value, just weather it is worth the effort to restore. I havent been active here for about 8 years so I am starting over on my post count.

ramzilla 10-25-20 07:10 PM

That's "Tange 900" tubing. And, if it's got severe surface rust - then, it's probably ready to become lawn art. Or, strip it down to a bare frame & take it to your local powder coating guy. Let them soak it in chemical strip & coat it in a cheap color. Should only cost about $150 or so. Put it all back together & ride it into the sunset. Here's a picture of an old rusted Nishiki Olympic bike that I powdercoated a few years ago.

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