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Shrevvy 12-21-20 12:35 PM

Eddy Merckxs very own Colnago Super Team Molteni from 1971
Steel Vintage Bikes has Merckx's Colnago on which he won the 1971 Liege-Bastogne-Liege. Obviously, this is not something that comes up often. Are there any comparable sales for a bike like this? How would you value it? They do not have an asking price, but are searching for offers. I'm thinking of offering a kidney (not mine, of course)...

Eddy Merckx' Own Colnago Molteni Team Bike 1971 (

repechage 12-21-20 02:34 PM

May well indeed been a bike Eddy rode.
It is missing a few things, the number plate, should be black with #44 (an old racing number of mine too :) )
no Eddy Merckx sticker on the down tube :(

later skewers, if one is going through the effort to attribute to him, why use Post CPSC skewers?
Get the details right guys.

3alarmer 12-21-20 06:49 PM

...I like the color. :)

lowgear45 12-27-20 06:43 PM

AFAIK, there is no provenance except verbal. This very well many be what it says it is, but shouldn't there be some substantiation? Eddy (my age) is still with us, thank goodness. Wouldn't he confirm? Or maybe that is a business issue with sellers? No matter, the bottom line is that is needs more underpinning to fetch the best possible price..

Wileyone 12-28-20 06:49 AM

Originally Posted by 3alarmer (Post 21843189)
...I like the color. :)

You should it's Holdsworth Colours.

d_dutchison 12-29-20 05:41 PM

For an starting price of 35.000 euros and the claim that it's an historic bike, there has to be some kind of provenance - they had to get it from somewhere. Even with that though, it'd be overpriced (which is the norm at Steel Vintage Bikes). Without provenance it's just a nice '71 team replica, worth 1/10th the asking price (at VSB's top-dollar evaluation).

repechage 12-30-20 06:59 AM

35k. If one does not ask, one wont get.
this one will be hanging around their shop for the foreseeable future.

SoccerBallXan 12-30-20 10:36 PM

Begs the question: if it is real, whats the most expensive piece of vintage cycling history? Im sure this is up there with the minimum asking.

repechage 12-31-20 10:37 PM

There was a fellow claiming to sell a bike Bartali raced and wanting big dollars.
The real enthusiastic awareness of him is aging out. No idea if anyone bought.

Eddys hour bike could be considered of big big money value, but which one is the actual one? The one Ernesto has or the one in the subway station at the Merckx stop? Toss a coin.

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