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Vintage Raleigh Superbe & Schwinn Traveler Info Needed

Classic and Vintage Bicycles: Whats it Worth? Appraisals. Use this subforum for all requests as to "How much is this vintage bike worth?"Do NOT try to sell it in here, use the Marketplaces.

Vintage Raleigh Superbe & Schwinn Traveler Info Needed

Old 10-06-21, 12:35 PM
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Vintage Raleigh Superbe & Schwinn Traveler Info Needed

Hello all! First post here. My parents are cleaning out their garage, and want to get rid of their old bicycles that have been hanging up in their garage for the past 30 years. I am 35 years old, and remember riding in a carrier on these when I was younger. What I have here is a green mens Raleigh Superbe 3 speed, and a gold womens Schwinn Traveler. Does anyone know any information about any of these? I believe they are from the 70's but I have no idea. I am trying to decide what I want to do with them. Would it be worthwhile to clean the up and restore them and sell them, or would it be best to just sell as is? If I do decide to clean them up, are their still parts available for them? What would each of them be worth if I sold as is vs restore/fix? Please let me know if you need any additional photos, or have any questions as I took quickly took these pictures as I was leaving. Thanks in advance!

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There's a separate forum for asking about pricing/values, so this thread will likely get moved there, but I can tell you that it looks like both bikes have Sturmey Archer rear hubs, which should contain date codes with the year and month of production, e.g., 72 10 = October 1972. I don't know Schwinns much at all, but that Raleigh is likely from 1969-72 and looks very nicely preserved (the front dynohub will also have a date code in the same format as the rear hub). Where I live, in the Boston, MA, area, prices for those seem somewhat all over the map from what's listed on CL, but I don't know what they actually sell for. You could check eBay completed auctions as one guide.
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It is probably not putting a lot of effort into restoring them since it doesnít add value. I enjoy working on older English bikes, and have ended up with about a dozen bikes I canít part with.

If you want to generate $ it might work to part them out. You have a nice b66 saddle on the superb
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I think they both look pretty well preserved and would probably clean up nicely. A stepthrough-frame Traveller is probably not going to sell for a whole lot, although some classic Schwinn go for more money than I think they probably should. The Superbe sat on top of the Raleigh 3 speed lineup. If the generator hub works, that's a big plus. I'd *love* to get my hands on a Superbe in my size, but they just never turn up here.
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If they are not your style of riding pass them on. You will get more for the Raleigh, something for the Schwinn. Don’t restore them. Anyone who is into these machines will want that pleasure for themselves!

You had good transportation as a 5 year old! Thank your parents!
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Old 10-06-21, 09:38 PM
Bikes are okay, I guess.
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Neat bikes but they won't appeal to everyone, so if you do attempt to fix them up you might not easily make your money back. Tubes and tires alone will probably approach $40 for each bike. I'd say pump up the tires and do a test ride. If you don't want to keep them you could post on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and ask a nominal amount. No cousins who might want them?

Someone will buy the Raleigh for the saddle.
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Both are nice bicycles. The Green Raleigh color is beautiful as is the Schwinn "Copper tone" which is about the same color that Jim Rockford's Firebird was.

The FB serial on the SCHWINN tells you its a 1966 MODEL because B = 1966 (YEAR is the 2nd Letter & MONTH is the first letter on SCHWINN's two letter serial number system that began in the mid sixties........sometime during the 1970 model year the Serial number moved to the frame headtube beneath the oval white Schwinn badge...) Okay so now you know its a 1966 by the 2ND LETTER........okay the FIRST LETTER is Month and A= Jan, B= FEB C=MAR and so on....
****IMPORTANT: Schwinn SKIPPED and DID NOT USE "eye" OR "oh" BECAUSE IT LOOKS TOO MUCH LIKE one AND zero.**************************************************
So B (2nd Letter) =1966 and F (1st Letter) =JUNE
------------------ It is a JUNE 1966 Traveler
IT IS THE FIRST YEAR OF THE "new" Curved Bar Womens frame that SCHWINN would employ until the Chicago end

Here is the rundown on decoding the two letter serial numbers:
Second Letter = YEAR:
F= 1970 (serial number placement moved to near the headbadge during the 1970 model year)


The TRAVELER and other "lightweight" Schwinns were essentially the same bikes in various years as other named variants CO-ED, BREEZE, SPEEDSTER, RACER, there was once even a 3 speed COLLEGIATE for a year or two which was essentially the same. All of them feature 597mm 26 x 1 3/8 wheels.
Some of these variants came in both 3 speed handbrake and single speed coaster depending on the year & era and whatever name Schwinn felt like choosing for that bike at that time. Some variants particularly during the 1962 to maybe 1968 era only differed from another model by chromed fenders versus painted fenders and possibly paint color choices. There were also 'De Luxe' versions that came standard with Lights, two tone seats, chromed fenders, and maybe nicer pedals.
GO BACK AND WANDER THROUGH THE waterford links for the OLD SCHWINN CATALOGS in pdf form. They are separated in 10 year volumes and close to 1000 pages total so you'll be flipping through a ton of material on other models and years, but it is certainly good to know this information is there courtesy of the former Schwinn owner family member that continues to the make hand-built PARAMOUNT in Wisconsin.


1965 WOMEN TRAVELER (has old style Straight Bar step through frame which was discontinued after 1965)

Though the Green RALEIGH is an excellent bicycle, the old SCHWINN is by far a better bicycle!
THESE ARE WONDERFUL RIDERS! WITH THIS TYPE OF BICYCLE, OVERALL BICYCLE WEIGHT IS NOT AN ISSUE TO WORRY ABOUT. I WOULD ARGUE THAT NOTHING WILL HAVE A Rolls-Royce RIDE LIKE AN Electroforged SCHWINN with the 37-597 26 X 1 3/8 wheels & tires. UNLIKE MOST OF YOU, I AM QUALIFIED TO MAKE THAT STATEMENT BECAUSE I DO OWN A ROLLS-ROYCE,, a long wheelbase Silver Shadow Saloon that I have owned for many decades. It is a 1972. It rides about like a '64 Buick except with much much better brakes. Yeah, a new '65 FORD LTD was probably quieter. The IRS and hydraulic ram suspension don't do anything that a good coil sprung live axle design have on a vehicle with that large. The suspension is of Citroen design, just copied and the RR V8 is largely based on the old Olds V8 of the fifties, they also employ a GM Turbohydramatic 400 transmission as that was the world's best automatic transmission when introduced in '66. Its got a 123.5" wheelbase and the approximate width and front & rear track of 1978-87 Cutlass/Monte Carlo ('78-'87 G body approx 58.5" front & rear) so it is slightly narrower than say a 1964 Olds 88 or Buick Wildcat , but it is that big of a car with just less overhang front and rear. You have the best leather and the best wood, but you know The British & The Italians made beautiful machinery if the quality of construction wasn't equal to FORD or SCHWINN during the same era. I've owned Italian cars, bicycles, and even once tried riding a single cylinder Benelli that my dad owned until about fifty years ago so I do have some substantial knowledge on many of the quirks and shortcomings of those. The English & The Italians did make some of the nicest looking vehicles even if they weren't the best quality.
Now certainly bicycles from those countries aren't the same sub-standard products as their motor industry products. A bicycle is fairly simple product by comparison.
You will be surprised that if you want to, it wouldn't take much DIY work and expense to get both the green RALEIGH & the Coppertone SCHWINN back in perfect riding condition. IF YOU SIMPLY TAKE THE BIKES TO THE LBS TO GET THEM ADJUSTED & ReTIRED & ReTUBED, IT WILL COST YOU A RELATIVE FORTUNE, BUT IF YOU DO IT YOURSELF, IT WILL COST VERY LITTLE TO DO SO. Sure, you'll have to read how after GOOGLING & viewing Youtube. THAT SCHWINN with its one piece crank is so simple to service. Both are nice bikes and will make nice riders. That Rolls-Royce ride of the 26" SCHWINN wheel (37-597) cannot be beat on that type of bicycle.
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A lot depends on where you are located. BFE or a hot urban bicycle market.
If you were near me I'd be interested in the raleigh for parts
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Thread moved to Appraisals forum
Life is good

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Looks like a MKE license sticker. I'd give you $100 for the Raleigh local pick up.
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I would say clean up put some air in the tires and get some appropriate grips on the Raliegh and oil the rear hub so it's ridable take it for a test ride if you don't really like it you should be able to get $250-300. The Schwinn is nearly as nice so I would clean it put air in the tires and sell as is for $150 or so. Both these bikes are in good survivor condition and are worth a little bit of clean up and work. The paint and chrome looks good enough that it should clean up nice so they don't need to be restored.
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Wow, this is the first forum I have ever joined where people have been extremely helpful!! I honestly know nothing about bicycles, and its awesome that people have so much knowledge about certain things! I think I will take a closer look at them next time I am over there, prolly tomorrow. I will look for some dates on the Raleigh, and see if the tires even hold air.
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The Girls Traveler is a last year 66' model. Not really a super desirable bike but cleaned to the teeth would be impressive. It is worth more in parts than whole.
The Raleigh would be a looker cleaned well and is a $250 bike in great shape. Maybe more. People buy by looks and the Superbe was a TOTL machine.
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Here is a good bit of INFORMATION that will help you get the bikes in great riding shape.
You should consider keeping at least one if you have any possible desire to ride a comfortable, slow-ride cruiser, that still can go anywhere.
IF NOT, You Should Clean Them UP and maybe install new tires & tubes.....
You might not need tires on the Raleigh but I could not tell by the picture if this has the 27 (32-630) or 26 (37-590),---match what you have if you do replace them.
Remember if it is an old enough Raleigh, it might be 26 (590).....REMEMBER that on the TwentySix, RALEIGH takes the Normal 590mm version and the SCHWINN takes the specific k23 KENDA 597mm SCHWINN tire which is the only tire available for these old SCHWINNS. Obviously if your RALEIGH is 27(630mm) then you'd need 27(630mm) tires. ALL TIRES & TUBES ARE WIDELY AVAILABLE FROM Online bike shops and Amazon etc.

Earlier, I said that the SCHWINN with the one piece crank is Super-Simple to Service, well YOU will Need a 12" / 300mm crescent wrench to service its bottom bracket.
Here is an inexpensive, approx $10 wrench from HARBOR FREIGHT that is perfect for the job (harbor freight SKU: 65802, 60717, 63720, 69545 )

What type of Grease for the one piece crank BB? YOU WANT Waterproof Synthetic "GREEN GREASE" (trademarked brand name , made by OMNI LUBRICANTS of Texas) It comes in a 14oz cartridge tube that you just open one end and use something like a McDonalds/KFC plastic spoon or plastic knife to scoop out the glob that you'd need. WEAR disposable rubber or vinyl gloves so you don't get the grease on your hands because it is difficult to wash off.

IF YOU NEED TO REPLACE ANY CABLES, cable sets are INEXPENSIVE but YOU WILL STILL NEED THE BRAKE-CABLE CUTTER TOOL that can easily and cleanly cut thru Brake Cables and Shift cables and also cleanly cut through the Cable Housing when and if you replace the Housing that the cable runs through. Some folks re-use the existing Housing and just run the new steel cable lubricating the new cable of course.
Here is a GOOD inexpensive BRAKE CABLE CUTTER:




AS YOU CAN SEE, IT IS THE SAME EXACT PART, It is good enough unless you're doing 150 bikes...... still works great after doing 30+ bikes.

Should you need any STURMEY ARCHER 3 SPEED pieces, all of that is available, Search Ebay all categories for: sturmey archer 3 speed


The BELL PITCREW 600 CABLE SET is available inside some Walmart stores and from Acehardware DOT COM and Walmart DOT COM for approx $10.


40 mm replacement brake pads:


Information on side pull calipers:

The 597mm Kenda k23 SCHWINN tires ****WHICH FIT SCHWINN WHEELS ONLY*******

IMPORTANT INFO on HOW YOU CAN CLEAN The CHROME wheels, handlebar, crank, headlight , Fenders, etc on your bike.
Get some durable rubber dishwashing gloves to save wear on your finger tips.
Get a Copper Pot Scrubber thingy, they cost about $2 for two of them in the grocery store isle with dishwashing stuff
here is an example of what they look like......the brand does not matter

DUMP a SMALL PILE of COMET cleanser on to a throwaway paper plate or used by clean tv dinner tray..........Only Very Slightly barely wet the pile of COMET so it makes a mash potato consistancy of a paste to use on the Copper Pot Scrubber........... IF YOU'RE DOING THIS CLEANING INSIDE, you'll want to have both a large piece of corrugated cardboard box and maybe a cheap $2 vinyl shower curtain liner to cover the box & floor and paper towels or newspaper or old rags to keep any wet runoff from leaving the protective vinyl covered cardboard......the cardboard is cushioning to protect your floors etc....... Be certain to clear it with your spouse before you do this cleaning inside, and make sure your pets won't track thru it while you're cleaning because pets like to see what the humans are working on for two hours or more.
Basically it is just, pick a part to start on and work on a small area until it cleans up and then move to another area portion......etc...... THAT SCHWINN's Wheels, and FENDERS will clean up to look brand new.....the handlebars will clean up great but you may have some scrapes and peppering, the crank arms might will clean up nice too. Even the headlight should clean up. DON'T USE STEEL WOOL as you'll have too many splinters. The COPPER POT SCRUBBER thingy is what you want to use. DO NOT USE THE COPPER POT SCRUBBER ON ANY PAINTED SURFACE, BUT FOR THE OTHER METAL STUFF, IT IS GREAT. Make certain to do this Copper Pot Scrubber cleaning BEFORE you install new tubes and tires because you don't wanna chance a possible splinter/sprig getting into the valve stem base area or somewhere where it might puncture the tube. Lastly, when you do install tubes & tires, BEFORE DOING SO....visually check the part of the rim normally hidden from view when tire is mounted (underside of wheel) Check for rough edges or sharp grit or grime/rust by lightly sliding your finger tip to make sure nothing is sharp. I say lightly slide your finger because you might have some 50 year piece of grit/tiny bit of rust or tiny factory production excess meta slag that might be the size of a grain of sand but it could be really sharp, and could maybe cut you like a food can lid's edge could if you were to slide your finger across its edge.
If you do find any sharp spots , use a little bit of very fine sand paper or emery paper to make them smooth enough to run your finger across.
Tiny rust spots are NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT ON OLD STEEL WHEELS BECAUSE steel wheels are so strong.

THORN RESISTANT INNERTUBES ARE ONLY ABOUT $3 MORE THAN regular innertubes. THEY ARE GREAT FOR THESE TYPES OF BICYCLES BECAUSE THEY ARE MORE RESISTANT TO THORNS because the RUBBER is Thicker and Much Better Quality. Roadbike people typically don't like Thorn Resstant Tubes UNLESS they live in an area with Goatheads and need the protection. They don't like them because they weigh about three times what a light regular tube does and to the roadie weight is everything. Even those birthday party balloon thin Bontrager brand tubes do the job very well, if installed properly and you don't ride in an area with thorns.
Thorns can still puncture the thorn resistant innertubes, but the better rubber that is probably almost four times as thick will generally last longer, but stil will puncture just as easily if you run over a roofing nail. One thing about those Bontrager brand tubes that are toilet tissue thin, is that for a thin ordinary basic tube, Bontrager's quality control is outstanding compared to some other brands which probably have a higher number of defective tubes for each 2000 produced. A tube is a tube, if you don't have thorns in your area to worry about......as long as it fits and works well, it doesn't matter much unless you're racing where weight might matter. SCHRADER valves are preferable on these types of bicycle because of the durability and simplicity and because every moron knows how to deal with a (normal) SCHRADER valve.
PRESTA valves are popular on todays road bikes. They work fine too. You can install PRESTA valve tubes on old bikes that take NORMAL valve tubes with a tiny washer like ferrule that narrows the wheels valve stem hole but unless all your other bikes have PRESTA valved innertubes, but it makes no difference, both do the same thing and there is no benefit on these sized tires and type of bikes.




THE GLENN'S COMPLETE BICYCLE MANUAL published in 1973 and sold probably millions is 338 pages and you should be able to find an ex-library copy for about $6 from the half dozen or so MEGA-USED BOOKSELLERS that are on Ebay..........why the Mega Booksellers there because they can ship such a book for FREE or $0.75 where the individual seller would be charging you SHIPPING COST of more than the $6 TOTAL or possibly less THAN THE Mega-Used Booksellers. No reason to pay $15 from Jim Bob or Peggy Sue in Kalamazoo when some Mega Used Bookseller can get it to you for $6 total with Free Shipping.
The best Manual ever written for bicycles of that era.

Your 1966 TRAVELER essentially is the same as the 1967 BREEZE . The TRAVELER name was retired for a long period after 1966
Basically for WOMEN's 3 speed, in early sixties, 1961 you had the TRAVELER & RACER
The CO-ED replaced the Women's RACER for 1963 & 1964
In 1965, The BREEZE replaces the CO-ED, and you also have a Deluxe BREEZE
The TRAVELER exits the stage after 1966, replaced by The Breeze, as a Deluxe BREEZE in 1965 & 1966 was essentially the same as the nicest '65 &'66 Traveler
Obviously Schwinn's marketing people found that BREEZE was the name to carry on with.
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