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mainstreetexile 06-17-22 02:03 PM

1974 Schwinn Paramount P60 ladies frameset
Starting to clear out a few older projects I never got around to, but out of date with current C&V and Paramount pricing.

Anybody have an idea of what to ask for this 74 Ladies' deluxe touring paramount frameset?

The good: Reynolds 531 with chrome lugs. Original paint, decals, and chrome in fair shape. Including the original Nuovo Record headset.

The bad: cable guides on seat tube are damaged, and someone has, at some point, drilled and tapped the seat tube bolts to mount a bottle cage.

xiaoman1 06-17-22 03:24 PM

I think the frame is fairly rare, but the condition is not as good as it might be.The chrome needs some attention as does the paint, it also appears as thought there are a few dents on the seat tube etc.
So if someone wants a rider no problem, but if they want to restore it, there is a lot of cost involved in the restoration.
Perhaps merziac can assist on a fair number for the frame, he has a number of them in his stable.
Best, Ben

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