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ItalDisco 06-22-22 04:36 PM

1988/89 Bianchi Strada LX
Hey everyone. Just wondering what this bike would fetch in a hot market like TO. I know the components aren't anything to write home about, and it needs new tires/tubes (haven't tried yet but looks neglected). Frame appears structurally sound, wheels appear to be true. Cables and shifters work. Nothing is seized and headset doesn't feel indexed. Appears to just need tires/tubes, a good scrubbing and some love to be rideable.

T-Mar 06-23-22 04:56 AM

FYI, that is the 1988 model.

ItalDisco 06-23-22 02:57 PM

Thanks T-Mar. Any guess on a price?

It's a about a 53cm frame by the way.

TugaDude 06-23-22 03:31 PM

Even though it is near the bottom of Bianchi's lineup for 1988 it has a couple things going for it. First, the condition. It doesn't look ridden hard at all. The paint is in great shape and cleaned up will look even better. Second, the Bianchi brand seems to always attract attention. And finally, the location. From what I hear Toronto is a hot market where folks can maximize the bike's sales price.

This spec sheet might be interesting to you.

ItalDisco 06-23-22 09:20 PM

That's super helpful, thanks a bunch TugaDude

randyjawa 06-23-22 09:53 PM

I have owned a couple of those Bianchi road bikes, one darn near identical to the one the OP has shown. I find them to be, somewhat, unimpressive in machines, cosmetically and mechanically. That does not mean that there is anything wrong with them. Just unimpressive. As for value, I sold at least one for $200.00 CND a few years ago when the vintage road bike market was hot. My guess would be that had I sold it in Toronto, it might have fetched $350 back then. Today and I really don't have much of a feel for the strength of the Toronto market, my guess would be closer to the $250 to $300 price. Don't take that to the bank! It is just a guess and, as mentioned, my opinion regarding these lower mid-range bikes is biased. The uninformed buyer might go "goo goo" over the fact that he or she is getting a Bianchi which would probably positively impact the appearance of value.

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