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Campagnerdo 06-22-22 10:34 PM

Early 70ís Legnano step through frame bike
Steel componentry doesnít generally excite me, but I found this Legnano city bike to be interesting. It is in nice shape, the paint has few blemishes, and it is free from significant rust. Any thoughts on what it should sell for? I know it is an acquired taste, but I value the opinion of the BF community.
Legnano branded saddle
Sorry for the s less than professional images
Chrome plating
Legnano branded brake levers
Legnano branded brake levers
Legnano bell

juvela 06-22-22 11:22 PM



this is the very bottom:

bulge-formed head

not constructed with any of the manufacturer's usual lug patterns

the bulge-formed head, seat lug, bottom bracket shell, plate style bridges & frame ends are all from Agrati

plate style bridges

five-piece steel solid axle hubs

steel brake calipers


in case you have not as yet run across it there is a wonderful resource of Legnano information here -


merziac 06-26-22 09:50 PM


How about a full on DS pic? :twitchy:

juvela 06-27-22 12:16 PM


in this image it can be seen that the cycle's frame carries a Falck transfer -



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