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SpeedofLite 06-24-22 11:21 AM

1988 Cannondale SR700 "Black Lightning" project 50cm ("Little Evil")
1988 Cannondale SR700 "Black Lightning" (50cm frame; 165mm cranks)
I'm interested in price suggestions for selling as parts or as a project.
A few general pics below with 1988 model specs and frame dimension pages attached as PDFs at bottom.

The Good: All original components + SunTour Cyclone pedals with Christophe Special "L" toe clips.
Frame structure and alignment appear sound.
Brakes, brake levers, derailers, and shift lever mechanisms action is strong and smooth.
BB, headset, and wheel hubs have been cleaned, inspected, and re-lubed.
BB shows little wear; cranks spin smoothly.
Headset race wear is present, but moves smoothly.
Front wheel is true and wheel spins smoothly though cone surfaces are worn significantly.
An extra Black Lightning stem (110mm) will be included. An 85mm stem is shown in the frame photos.

The Bad: Eyelets are corroded on both wheels. Both wheel hub cones are worn significantly.
Rear wheel cannot be dished without breaking a spoke (twice) or breaking an eyelet (on the third spoke replacement).

The Ugly: Frame (DT and ST collar mainly), fork, and most components have wear and tear marks from rubs and cuts in the finish to deep chips down to the aluminum.

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