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dfehrmg 08-20-09 07:49 AM

1991 Cinelli Argento Vivo mountain bike
I have this bike in my garage - It's all original in great shape. with the addition of a rack on the back and a bike computer.
I bought it new and have all the paperwork.
I'd like to sell it and was wondering what an asking price would be.
Since it was only made for one year it's impossible to find any out there for sale.

miamijim 08-20-09 08:24 AM

we need pics.....and your location.

I doubt you'll get an accurate figure for a few reasons....

1. Its a mountain bike. They usualy aren't worth much.
2. Its a Cinelli mountain bike. It should be chaep because its a mountain bike but its cinelli which brongs good money.
3. Only made for 1 year which limits comparitive sales.

My advice would be to put it on ebay with a relatively high, but not too high, 'Buy Now' price and see if you get any hits.

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