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corkscrew 12-09-09 11:10 PM

Schwinn World Voyager - How much is this worth

Hows this look?

EjustE 12-09-09 11:25 PM

Originally Posted by corkscrew (Post 10127955)

Not THAT much

corkscrew 12-09-09 11:30 PM

Originally Posted by EjustE (Post 10127989)
Not THAT much

I guessed that much. What would be a fair offer?

EjustE 12-09-09 11:34 PM

Originally Posted by corkscrew (Post 10128007)
I guessed that much. What would be a fair offer?

A fair offer would insult the seller (in so many words). $100?

old and new 12-09-09 11:55 PM

The seller's calling it steel. It's chromoly I believe. It has barcons/ber end shifters and what appears to be a decidedly high level crank. Don't let the guard or goofy br.levers fool you. The bike was over three hundred dollars when new. a mid-70s, pre inflation at that. Three was alot of money back then.
It has fenders, that's cooll. It's nice color; if you like it, it fits and is as good o' shape as I expect that it is, the price though high, is not outlandish. It'll feel better to chew 'm down but if you really like it just like anything else in life, paying a premium in not nec. unwise. It's not a hitense steel Letour mind you and not some some other model, it was their up-there full blown tourer. Verify the tubing an' all, the fit, not so god things that may exist of course. It's got my vote. I like the paint, chrome....

wrk101 12-10-09 07:25 AM

Price is not out of line during the selling season. The old Schwinns get good prices around here. I have seen lowly Varsities sell for $150 to $200 in similar condition. This bike is a lot better than a Varsity.

Assuming the bike is free of any defects and ready to ride, price is fine for an end user.

This is a hard to find model, so if it is what you are looking for, and it fits, I would jump on it.

I am a thrifty guy, but if it is what I was looking for, and in super shape, I would have no problems paying that price. Its a 30 to 35 year old bike. Condition is everything. It looks to be in really good shape.

corkscrew 12-10-09 11:30 AM

Thanks for the info guys.

I called on it, and the guy all bug hung up on me when I said I'd max out @ 180. About 10 minutes later his wife called back and offered $190. So I'm driving out there on my lunch break to take a closer look.

Sounds like its in good shape - but the guy thinks its a 56 which might make it a tad small for me since I'm a lanky 5'11. If I like it and the top tube doesn't feel cramped I'll probably jump on it. I've been trying to find a dedicated tourer for a decent price for months now. :)

akcapbikeforums 12-10-09 11:50 AM

190 = good deal

fahrrad streber 12-10-09 12:00 PM

Originally Posted by corkscrew (Post 10129438)
About 10 minutes later his wife called back

That's really funny.

Hope it works out for you!

dudeona3V 12-10-09 12:55 PM

If it's in original condition (despite the "pitting"), I'd call that well bought. Made one year only (1973), nice chrome lugs, first gen Dura-Ace/Crane. Many refer to it as the Japanese (Panasonic) Paramount. My dad has had his since new and still commutes on it almost daily. Probably has 100K miles on it, if not more.

corkscrew 12-10-09 02:25 PM

Well I bought it. Agreed on $190, but I came home $10 short so I think I actually gave him $200. Which is fine, guy has 5 kids, which probably explains his wife calling me back. :)

There are some scratches and some pitting/corrosion on the chrome and metal components. It doesn't look to deep however, so I'm sure with some elbow grease it'll be looking good. I have a clean(er) set of Araya 27's I can put on it, along with some panaracer TG's. The current tires are in good shape but nothing fancy. All the original components are there, including the Crane GS RD and Dura Ace crank. 4130 Tubing, For being 10 years older than myself this is probably the nicest road bike in my fleet now - as far as components and tubing go. Bonus points to the fenders, bottle dynamo and lights too, which look to be original also.

I wish it was a tad larger on the standover height, but the top tube length is about right. Can't wait to start cleaning this up!

dudeona3V 12-10-09 02:59 PM

Well done! Show us "after" pics when you're done cleaning it up.

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