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treebound 01-04-10 03:58 PM

Bridgestone 400 vs MB3
Assuming all else being equal (condition, sizing, fit, tires, ...), how does a Bridgestone 400 road bike compare to a Bridgestone MB3 MTB value-wise?

I've got a 400 hanging on the wall and it really doesn't do much for me (replaced by other bikes), and today a local CL listing popped up:

Probably no real chance of working a swap with them but I'd thought I'd post an Apples vs Oranges question here before I contacted the seller. My gut tells me they're high for the local market here, but I could easily be wrong on that point.

Thanks for any input.

wrk101 01-04-10 09:06 PM

Thats a decent deal on that MB-3, assuming it is in great condition. I have seen lower level Bridgestone MTBs for less, but not a MB-3. A sweet Bridgestone 400 would have some additional value around here, depending on the year (lots of variation in quality of frame year to year on the 400), as pretty much any decent road bike will sell for more than an equivalent MTB.

If you are patient and not stuck on finding a Bridgestone, I routinely see nice higher end MTBs for less.

But if you really want a Bridgestone, it fits, and its a keeper bike in excellent condition, I would go for it. I often see lower grade Bridgestone MTBs at about this price (MB5s and MB6s).

X-LinkedRider 01-04-10 09:11 PM

Yeah. The road bikes were alwasy typically more expensive but the Bridgestone MB series completely changed the MTB industry to the standard Diamond shape frames. I have an MB4 and this thing is awesome. I am pretty sure it still has the original EVERYTHING on it. It's gotta be 25 years old and will go another 25. BTW i got mine for free.

Enjoy it and thats a good deal as long as it is ridden like anything else.

treebound 01-04-10 10:42 PM

Appreciate the input. This link might work to a pic of the 400 while it was still in process

I forget or am not sure what year it is. Just playing with ideas and I know the MB#'s are well liked.

treebound 01-05-10 11:03 AM

I've slept on the idea overnight and while I'm still interested in the MB3 I'm thinking I'd be happier finding an RBT or XOsomething. I do have a casual line on an old MB1 but that is one of those varying horse trades with someone I know who sometimes looses interest in his bike and sometimes offers it as a swap for something I have that fits him better.

So it goes at times. I'll still send the MB3 an email and try to get a peek at it.

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