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eboard17 01-07-10 10:17 AM

1970's Fuji
I found this one on Craigslist. anyone have any ideas as to what it is and what components might be on it.

Mos6502 01-07-10 11:12 AM

It is the bicycle kind of fuji. I can see it has SunTour derailleurs, the rest is probably typical Japanese stuff too.

beech333 01-07-10 11:19 AM

It looks like a Special Road Racer, but is that chrome on the seat tube?

Hi-ten steel frame, Compe V front, VGT-Lux rear, 27" wheels (possibly steel), Nitto bars, Fujita B-17 saddle (very nice saddles)

These bikes made quite a name for themselves as nice riding bikes to introduce Fuji to the US. I now have two as keepers. They have very little value as a flipper. The saddle may be worth something.

wrk101 01-07-10 12:00 PM

+1 Very little value, looks like steel rims, low end crank, probably high ten steel frame.

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