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Luckyword 01-10-10 05:51 PM

How much is my bike worth?
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I have a Bertoni racing bike with Dura Ace components that I bought from an ex-roommate who was having money problems. I know it was valuable but don't know how much it is worth. I've since bought another bike that I ride now and want to sell this but don't know what to ask for it. How much is it worth? Here's a description. I've attached pics as well. Thanks.

Bertoni racing bike with Dura Ace components. I bought this around '90, and have taken great care of it. Excellent condition. Has a new seat, new handlebar tape new Cateye speedometer, new pedals, comes with new Lake shoes, size 46.0 (11 1/2 - 12). I upgraded the mentioned items about 6 months ago, with the intention of riding it. And I don't. I also have another bike that I ride more, and need to clear up space in my small apartment. Mavic wheelset. Bike has cool little features, like a Campagnolo seatpost with a "B" for Bertoni etched into it. Has two small spots where the paint has rubbed off. This is a classic bike. Hoping to sell to a collector or someone who would really take good care of it. I'm 6'00" and have the seat jacked all the way up.

T-Mar 01-11-10 12:38 PM

It is a circa 1987 Specialissima. Original price would have been about $1000 US. Prices vary widely, depending on local market conditions. In my market, this bicycle would fetch about $300-$350.

miamijim 01-15-10 11:11 AM

Its kind of rough. Rust on the chrome, average lug work, needs brake lever hoods, missing crank dust caps amongst other things. $350.

EjustE 01-15-10 11:39 AM

This bike will worth more parted.

Expert to get about $300 just for the Dura Ace group (depending how complete it is; here is a recently completed ebay auction for a group older than yours, I suspect).

Your pantographed stem and seat post in the right conditions (i.e. someone looking for them, can fetch about $100 the pair).

add another $100 for the frame (I suspect that it is Columbus - if it has a sticker and is in good shape, double that maybe)

add another $50-100 for pedals, shoes, saddle, handlebar.

So you are looking at about $500+ at the big auction site. Caveat: I cannot tell about the condition of the bike or the components based on these pictures.

As a full bike, I agree about $300-400 is likely (again, depending on the condition)

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