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3373jones 01-16-10 08:06 PM

French Loire - Vitus 979 tubes
Any idea what the value of this bike (*in a hot SoCal Market) would be all cleaned up and ready to roll? I'll likely keep most of hte parts on it.

Vitus 979 frame
Looks like the fork is after market (cromo 4130).
don't know if either of the rims/hubs are original (back hub is Suntour the front rim/hub <obviously newer> mavic).
600 head set, sti down tube 600 shifters with 600 rear derailleur
campy front derailleur
mavic crank
mavic breaks / levers
ideale saddle

3373jones 01-17-10 10:18 AM

anybody? Maybe a hit at what similar bikes sell for since this one seems to be quite uncommon.

Ex Pres 01-17-10 11:12 AM

I'll throw out $250+, but it's going to take some cleaning. You're going to be limited somewhat by the decal/headbadge/finish condition.

Dyermaker 01-17-10 11:16 AM


Id throw a fork with some rake on it and ride it.

miamijim 01-17-10 12:29 PM

Thats a rough bike. It needs ~$100 worth of work. Its worth $200-ish as it sits at most.

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