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djsearcy 01-17-10 02:53 PM

help with identifying a frame.
i don't know if these photo's are good enough quality to determine (very zoomed crop) but it would be greatly apreciated if you could help me out, thanks :).

BluesDaddy 01-17-10 03:17 PM

Looks a lot like my Peugeot PGN10. I'll have to check when I get home.

Edit: I forgot I have a expander wedge seatpost with no external binder. Never mind. :rolleyes:

djsearcy 01-17-10 04:44 PM

thankyou for the reply!

i did a google search, they look very similar but the seat stays are connected to the seat tube differently. could be a different peugeot though...

JohnDThompson 01-17-10 06:25 PM

Looks like a mid-70s Raleigh Professional:

djsearcy 01-18-10 11:07 AM

thanks a lot! i recon that's right. cheers :)

rhm 01-21-10 12:20 PM

With chromed lugs and eyelets on the dropouts, I don't think it's a Raleigh Pro. Is there a cutout in the BB?

djsearcy 01-21-10 03:55 PM

i don't think it's the original paintjob, could be wrong though. and there isn't a cut out.

rhm 01-22-10 07:20 AM

I agree, it's probably not the original paint.

You know, if you're not asking about its value, you can post in the regular C&V forum rather than this sub-forum. If you do, try to get some closeup photos of the serial number, lugs, head tube, brake cable guides, BB, that kind of thing.

Be prepared to answer the following questions:

Are there holes in the head tube, where a badge was once mounted? If so: how many? How far apart? Horizontal or vertical?

What markings do you see on the dropouts? They almost certainly have a name on 'em: Campagnolo, Suntour, Simplex, Tange...

The fork steerer is possibly marked "Reynolds 531" (you have to take it out to see this). It may also be the original color, which would help.

The inside of the fork steerer may have ridges distinctive of Columbus tubing (you have to take out the stem to see this).

Good luck! I'm pretty sure it's not a Raleigh Professional, anyway.

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