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that_guy_zach 02-20-10 04:31 PM

Super tall Schwinn World Sport?
I ended up with a tall Taiwan made Schwinn World sport as a package deal with a Mixte. Not sure if I want to use it for parts or put it back together. Just wondering would it be worth more than a 62-64. It is a 68 1/2 frame.

EjustE 02-20-10 06:32 PM

pictures would help, as would the year of the bike.

wrk101 02-20-10 07:02 PM

In my experience, assuming it is a cromoly frame World Sport with alloy rims, anything over 24 inch frame size, the value drops significantly (-20%). At 68 1/2 (27 inch frame), the drop in value is even more. Frames 19 inch or less have significantly higher value (+20%). These values are compared to "regular sizes."

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