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PRus 03-04-10 03:14 PM

Value of Cilo bikes?
What is the better value.
Equal condition, Early to mid eighties model, Columbus Aelle tubing, Shimano 600 swiss made.
Late eighties model, Tange 1 tubing ,Shimano105 japan made.

Bianchigirll 03-04-10 08:28 PM

it is going to depend on who you ask but I (being a spoiled bikesnob *giggle*) would go for the Alle model. not that there is anything wrong with Tange.


bibliobob 03-05-10 06:19 AM

I had a mid 80s, Aelle, 600 equipped Cilo. LOVED it. Wish I still had it.

I would definitely buy it over the Tange 105 model.

EjustE 03-05-10 08:11 AM

Tange 1 is better tubing than Aelle, and 600 is better than 105; but you can change components on a bike. I'd buy the one that fits and feels the best.

PRus 03-05-10 11:01 AM

Thanks for the input.
My bike currently is the Aelle with 600.My one and only bike i ever got new and will keep forever.
I am just looking to get possible a second one to keep at work for some lunch time rides.
I am not desperate and will wait for the right deal to come along.Keeping my eye on a couple but not at the price they are looking for.

RobbieTunes 03-05-10 02:37 PM

If they're both Cilo, they're both well made, that is pretty certain.
I've not seen a Tange tubed Cilo, but Tange 1 is better than Aelle.

I'm not an 80's 105 fan, other than the calipers, but again, a Cilo is a nice bike.

cudak888 03-05-10 03:26 PM

Originally Posted by RobbieTunes (Post 10485901)
I've not seen a Tange tubed Cilo, but Tange 1 is better than Aelle.

Japanese-made Tange 1 Cilo. No model name listed, example has been fixied and Drewed:


Rixtory 03-12-10 05:08 PM

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my 1987 original Cilo "105 Sport", except in 92, I replaced the front 105 BioPace crank with a 600 Biopace. Tange1.

Rixtory 03-12-10 05:10 PM

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Tange 1 Badge

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