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jish1969 03-30-10 05:50 PM

Prelude worth it?
After the feirce debate onthe Gitane and Kabuki ended this popped up yeaterday. Its going for 200 but the seller stated he will take the first reasonable offer he gets. The paint is also not in the best condition but not the worst either. I am looking at it tomorrow at 5 and if its nice I was thinking of offrering 150-what do you guys think?


jish1969 03-30-10 05:53 PM

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Heres some pics if the CL link doesnt open...

wrk101 03-30-10 06:06 PM

Can't tell from those pictures. It really depends on the condition of the paint. A Prelude is a pretty nice bike, I have had two of them in the last year. If the paint is pretty good, or easily cleaned up with some minor (really minor) touchup, then it is worth the asking price. Pristine, it is worth more than the asking price.

If I were you, I would be ready to pay full price if the bike looks pretty good in person.

If the paint is bad (and it does not look bad in the pictures, but it is hard to tell), then the value is much lower. A bike that needs a repaint becomes worth about what the components are worth (wheels, derailleurs, brakes, etc). Even though a Prelude is a nice bike, a quality repaint with appropriate replacement decals will cost more than the bike is worth. So it becomes a $75 bike at that point.

I don't see that level of defects, but the pictures are poor. Very likely this is a really good deal if you can get it for $150, or even $200. And it is a lot better bike than the Kabuki and the Gitane, like 2X to 3X better!!!

It looks like a 1989. By 1989, Schwinn had made some nice improvements to the Prelude over earlier versions. It will have 700c wheels, cromoly stays, and of course the Columbus Tenax main frame.

One other big plus is that the bike is black in color. That is the easiest color to touch up.

Personally, I would not wait til 5PM tomorrow to look at it.

I have scooped up similar bikes with anxious sellers by getting there first. What if the seller lets it go tonight for $125? It could and does happen. You probably will be alright going tomorrow evening, but I would not take the chance.

IMHO, the Tenax Schwinns from the late 80s are real sleepers and underappreciated. I have had two Preludes and a Tempo, all were great bikes.

jish1969 03-30-10 06:42 PM

Hehe I wouldnt wait either but the seller assured me I would be the first one looking at it. I had to come out with my Miyata Seven-Ten and spend the night at my fathers to convince my brother of the qualities of a good frame. He is convinced now, and personally I am not worried about the paint that much as I have inherited a circa 1960 paint compressor so this may be the guinea pig come late fall...I think we will end up pulling the trigger on this tomorrow for sure...

EjustE 03-30-10 06:45 PM

Go get it. It is worth it (and +1 it is an '89) but that Accushift stuff does not index too well (just letting you know).

Here is my question: The other 2 bikes you were looking at were a size (or 2) smaller than this. Are you sure that this will fit?

jish1969 03-30-10 06:51 PM

My Miyata is the same size as this Prelude and I adjusted the seat and let him ride on it for a while and it seemed a good fit so at 5'7 I guess my brother is built like a frog...and besides... it will always fit me:)

roccobike 03-31-10 06:49 AM

The problem with Accushift is usually the chain. I've changed out the chain, installing a Shimano chain that was made for index shifting and had excellent results.

rumrunn6 03-31-10 08:14 AM

be sure to get the right size for you. I paid $200 for a bike and then put some money into and now I have a sweet ride.

Doohickie 03-31-10 08:52 AM

I have a 1987 Prelude and really like it. It has the Shimano indexed shifters, so I can't comment on the shifting, but the bike in general is pretty nice. A 24 lb. bike was solid intermediate range in the late 80s. I think the $150-200 range is about right too (although I scored mine in a pawn shop for $50 last month).

jish1969 03-31-10 03:51 PM

UPDATE: We just picked it up, and the funny thing is that it was just 5 houses down from my apartment. Sorry i dont have any pics because my camera is now broken somehow, but it rides beautifully and the paint is really not all that bad, and I think I am now a fan of the Suntour Edge. My brother just left my place with the bike a few minutes ago and I have to admit that I am quite jealous now, hehe, but we will probably end up racing after he gets hie feet wet with it...

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