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hiphilzy 04-28-10 12:22 PM

Peugeot Versailles Value? Please Help!! Buying today I think...
Hi there!

New to the fourm but love it already. I found a late 80's Peugeot Versailles in great condition. How much is this bike worth? He said he would let it go for $250 but wanted to know if this is a good deal or not? Thanks!

Picture on the following link:

Bianchigirll 04-28-10 12:57 PM

Hi hiphilzy, welcome to the forums. judging from the looks of the bike I would say yes but that is the very upperlimit for this bike. if you want it to ride it looks like a good deal. however there wil be almost no margin if you intend to flip it. where do you live? if you are way up in portland maine you might still be in a buyers market and can haggle a bit. miami might be a different story.

hiphilzy 04-28-10 01:02 PM

I'm in Dallas, TX so not a huge market for this. I intend to ride it, but want a good deal. He said the frame is 57cm with a standing height of 32.5". I'm 5'10 so I think this is perfect. If anyone else has input on price it is greatly appreciated!! Thanks ~

wrk101 04-28-10 01:32 PM

Hard to say what will fit you. Bike fit is a very personal thing. I am 5-11 and ride a 56. Others that are 5-11 might ride a 58 or even a 60.

Price is reasonable if the bike is totally ready to go. Around here, once you hit the $300 mark, you start seeing brifter (STI) bikes.

miamijim 04-28-10 02:53 PM

Size wise you'll be OK. I could sell that bike all day long in Tampa for $225.

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