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5cagm 05-13-10 01:35 PM

1990 Koga Miyata Full Pro

So the frame arrived today. The condition was mediocre as I kind of expected based on the pictures. The frame itself is in great condition structurally, the clear coat and the decals as well as the paint are not fairing so well (6.5/10 maybe). I was amazed nothing besides the dropout adjustment screws were damaged based on the way the frame was packed, yikes. The bottom bracket spins smoothly but the headset cups are, dented or pitted I guess you would say. I think I have decided that it is far too large for me. I'm 6' and the frame is 63cm CTT seattube and 57cm CTC top tube. I do have long girly legs, but not that long hahahah. Anyways I think I am going to sell it because if it's too big the only way I would keep it was if it was prisitine. What would be a fair asking price, and is anybody here interested before I post it on my local CL? Thanks in advance,

5cagm (more pictures to come)

palangmead 06-07-12 02:17 AM

I just got a whole bike of the same model (but 89) and the paint was even worse than you describe. The frame is fully chromed underneath, and the paint doesn't bond so well as a result, making it chip REALLY easily. Mine was so bad I decided just to strip it completely, so it has no real collector value anymore, but should be a fun ride.

Mine is a 59 and seems about right for my 189cm height, so 63 is way too big for you.

I'd be interested to know the value too, as when I leave Germany in a year or so I'll be selling mine too.

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