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tada 05-14-10 03:17 PM

Flipping two mountain bikes
Is it worth flipping two rideable mountain bikes? Both are is good shape and fully operational. One is a 1999 Raleigh M30. It would need some new tires and a new tire tube. The other is a 2000 Diamondback Sorreno, in perfect shape. I can get both for around $40 each. Is there profit potential in them? Thanks

wrk101 05-14-10 08:27 PM

Depends where you are located and what you consider reasonable margin. I rarely pay over $25 for a flip MTB. That Raleigh is really low end, I would pass on it for sure. I picked up a Raleigh a couple of steps higher up their product line from that bike, for $25, and it only needed a new tube. And I consider that pick up a mistake. I usually only pick up Trek and Specialized MTBs. Its what buyers recognize.

Many people a lot smarter than me have told me to not bother trying to flip MTBs. I just see 10X as many MTBs at low (thrift store and garage sale) prices.

Included in any margin you have on a flip is the time spend finding the bikes in the first place, any parts, time spent cleaning and rehabbing them, and time spent marketing them (writing the ad, taking the pictures, answering emails from deadbeats, phone calls, etc). And you also have the cost of any mistakes (at least I still make them), unforeseen defects, flaws, or whatever. So what can appear to be a healthy margin can evaporate pretty quickly to breakeven (or worse).

I am on the deadbeat bandwagon right now, I have had four in a row this week......

Esteban32696 05-15-10 05:18 AM

It all depends on where you live. I live in an area with high demand for bikes, so most used bikes bring a good price. Those bikes in very good , ready to ride condition, would bring about $100 ea. , here.

EjustE 05-15-10 06:26 AM

No. At $40 its not for these 2. Both these bikes were entry level. About $50-75 on CL these days. Original full price new for the Sorrento was $300 and the Raleigh $260

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