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Maddox 05-14-10 05:24 PM

80's/90's Ambrosio Aero Elite Wheels with Campy Chorus Hubs...and a Peugeot PH10LE
Hey, valuation experts-

So against the advice of C&V I began my foray into vintage bicycles by spending too much on a '85 Peugeot PH10LE. The bike is a low/mid level road frame made of "internally-brazed" (read non-lugged) "HLE" steel (short lived Peugeot-specific frame material). Frame was mostly stock with Nervar Cranks, Huret Rival Deraileurs, Stronglight Competition Headset, original bars/stem, and so on.

On it was a rather nice aftermarket wheelset composed of Ambrosio 19 Extra Elite Aero Dynamic Rims (like these from Velobase), and Campy hubs which I believe to be Chorus (I would love your help in identifying).

I've since "grown out of" this frame. I went and bought a bike much better suited to me, and I'm now trying to figure out how to get rid of it, how much to ask for it with the fancy wheels, and whether or not to perhaps sell the frame and keep the wheels.

Wheels are nice - very smooth and fast. I know Ambrosio rims are well regarded, and Campy is Campy, but don't know how much the wheels would be worth on their own. I'm beginning to think perhaps more than the frame...

The frame never fails to gets tons of comments non-collectors and non-riders based on looks alone. I've had people ask me if it was for sale (probably because they thought "it would make a wicked awesome fixie"), and I've honestly considered stripping and selling the frame on CL. I know a PH10LE is nothing too great, and from riding it a bit I've come to realize it has a significant amount of "wobble" to it, all of which make me believe it might do better as a fixie commuter than a road hoss.

Anyways, I submit this to the authorities for your consumption. Should I:
  • a. Sell the bike complete - meh frame with pretty good wheels.
  • b. Sell frame to hipster to be fixified, keep wheels for myself.
  • c. Keep or sell wheels? (are they worth selling??)

I've considered doing B because I rather like the components (Deraileurs and Cranks). I think I could find a use for those down the line...What do you guys think?

Attached: Photo taken by seller before I bought it (non-driveside photo = not my fault!).

Bianchigirll 05-14-10 05:27 PM

great CL pic LOL! nice looking bike

Maddox 05-18-10 12:57 PM

Anyone have any estimates on the wheels???

How valuable are the 80's Ambrosio Aero wheels and Campy Chorus hubs?

RobE30 05-18-10 01:31 PM

I have no idea how much the wheels are worth, but they'd look great on my Trek

EjustE 05-18-10 02:20 PM

Need pictures of the hubs. 1st generation Chorus is virtually indistinguishable from Athena. Later Chorus is 130mm. Also need an idea about the condition of the rims and esp. the braking surface. Also, are those Shimano SLR brakes? If yes, what kind (because they are probably more valuable to you - or another roadie, than to Drew)

EjustE 05-18-10 02:20 PM

Originally Posted by RobE30 (Post 10830260)
I have no idea how much the wheels are worth, but they'd look great on my Trek

I thought that you got wheels on your Trek (both of them)

miamijim 05-18-10 03:44 PM

Not worth parting out the wheels. Sell it as is. Lower the seat ans slide it forward on the rails.

$225 in Tampa.

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