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thenomad 05-15-10 04:01 PM

Schwinn World - Really clean condition
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So what do you think I should price it for in the Socal market?
Alloy 27" wheels, original but dry tires, saddle is excellent,

It's far cleaner than other bikes I see listed, but not a real high on the schwinn heirarchy of bikes. Everything works really nice and it's light. Downside is that it's a 61cm or so frame.

I was thinking of making it a single speed for the college crowd (bmx freewheel, redish rear wheel) remove turkey levers, put nice bar tape on. Other than that it's really clean as is.

I replaced the battery in the Avocet 30 and it works great.

EjustE 05-15-10 05:52 PM

Looks like a '90. A very respectible 27 lbs by then and a three-piece crank with Shimano indexing to boot. Nothing to do with the earlier Worlds. This is an $100 bike here (in this size) so I suspect $150-200 in CA

thenomad 05-15-10 05:54 PM

The stamp on the headbadge ends with 30, is that March '90?

Edit: Matched it with the catalog, it's a '90

62 cm going to make it harder to sell?

What do you think about turning it into a SS? Lose value or gain value from the campus crowd?

fastmunny 05-17-10 06:42 AM

I just sold a similar one but an 89 and 53" for $135. Here is the thread...

sonatageek 05-17-10 07:12 AM

The size may mean it take a bit longer to sell. I have sold a few similar Worldsports in NE Ohio for $140-165 in similar nice looking shape. I would think you could easily get $150 or a bit more with a little patience.

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